Duane and his wife, Louellen, are experienced at avoiding unmarked obstacles.Divorce is often a trying experience and a situation almost everyone would prefer to avoid. Unfortunately, national statistics–including those for Denton and Collin County divorces–indicate that the divorce rate continues to rise. That rate can be even higher for second and third marriages.

Our office will handle your case with care and talk with you about the “unmarked obstacles” before they arise, making your experience as smooth as possible. Divorces in Texas can involve many issues, including the division of the marital property estate and child-related issues such as custody, child support, conservatorship and possession, and medical insurance. These and many others are issues that a trained and experienced family lawyer can help you work through.

Our firm’s lawyers are trained and experienced in litigation and going to trial in divorce and family law matters in Denton County and neighboring counties. Duane L. Coker is Board Certified in Family Law, which recognizes him as a specialist in family law and divorce. Also, all of the lawyers in our firm are certified mediators and frequently help clients who decide to resolve their divorce through the use of mediation. We also offer to help resolve divorces through Collaborative Law.

Regardless of what issues you face, or what method you choose–trial, mediation, or Collaborative Law–our staff will do their utmost to make your divorce proceeding as efficient and as painless as possible. While this is our business, we understand that, for clients, these matters can be the most traumatic experience they will ever go through. We always keep that in mind as we assist clients through the process.

If you have an uncontested divorce, you could qualify for our our flat-rate divorce program. Check out the site and find out if our flat-rate packages fit what you need.

To help us help you, please take the time to complete the following forms before your initial consultation. Your response to these questions will help organize your case, save you on your attorney’s fees, and avoid gathering and assembling information after the case is in progress.