Everest Bridge Photo by Duane L. CokerWe have many of our legal forms available on our website. Please contact us if you have questions about the forms you need to complete. To help us help you, please take the time to complete these forms before your initial consultation. You can shorten your time in our waiting room if you complete the necessary forms before your appointment time. Your response to these questions will help organize your case, will save you on your attorney’s fees, and will help you avoid gathering and assembling information after the case is in progress.

Since your answers are being made to an attorney, your confidentiality is assured and you are protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Family Law

Family law issues can be difficult and emotionally draining. Duane L. Coker & Associates, P.C. will do their utmost to help you solve your family law issues as quickly and painlessly as possible. We are more than happy to assist you with your adoption, divorce, child custody and child support, Collaborative Law Divorce, enforcement of family law Court Orders, or Modification of custody and/or child support. Please fill out the appropriate form(s) below so we can start your case with as much information as possible.


A guardianship is most commonly necessary when an adult has become partially or totally incapacitated and someone else needs to take care of their important affairs—business, health decisions, estate management, and so on. It is very important to obtain the guardianship as soon as a disabled child becomes an adult or an adult becomes disabled. The following are the guardianship forms and probate forms we require every client to complete so we can start with as much information as possible.

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